Caleb Groh

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photo by   ANDREW WHITE


Nashville-based Caleb Groh (pronounced grow) has been singing, writing, producing and playing since 13 years old. He jumps genres from album to album, with his signature, descriptive and free-flowing lyrical style as a constant adhesive.

Caleb grew up in Connecticut, California, New York, Florida, Boston and Nashville, whose landscapes and cultures give his songs a wide range of scenery and inspiration. 

With only a formal middle school education, Caleb hit the ground running at 16 with his band Happiest Lion. After two albums (and two Christmas albums) he released Bottomless Coffee in 2012, which won him a Boston Music Award for Folk Artist of the Year. Caleb’s most recent wave of music includes the eclectic, electronic world-pop Hot Pop EP, and his most recent full-length, Ocelot.
Recent press includes a sony ad, Spotify’s viral charts, and several song placements and a small role on the show “Nashville”.